Currently the recreation center has Core Fitness Classes which are included in a Recreation Center membership, punch pass or … Participants must register before the registration deadline to ensure their spot in the class. Classes will be no contact. Some of our staff has been Random practice drills will take place, so children and staff know what to do in case of an emergency. Aspen Recreation Center – Reserved workout sessions in the: Weight Room, Fitness Rooms, Adult Lap swimming, Family / Leisure pool , Master swim and Water aerobics. If you are late in picking up your child, you will be charged a fee of $10.00 cash for every five minutes you are late. Kids and Seniors may share either a Youth Punch Pass or a Senior Punch Pass (these passes are the same price!). Max of 8 people per hour – limited to one workout per day; You can only use the piece of equipment you reserved Registration Please register for the activity you are interested in, registration is required. ("the Portals") are owned and operated by The Aspen Parks & Recreation Department (APR) of the City of Aspen, located in Aspen, Colorado. 84% OFF. Children will occasionally watch movies that are rated PG or G. No television will be watched. $198. In he event of a natural disaster, the children will be cared for until the parents are able to pick them up. Credit cards only for payments at this time. $19.50. The Aspen City Day Camp will be taking field trips throughout the year. Pass holders pay a $49 greens fee to play outside of their valid playing times. Punch Passes are valid for 18 months from the day of purchase or upon use of the last punch. I guess Aspen cannot afford to keep the rec center open for the working people. Cancelling in this manner will misuse of the facility or by not abiding by policies and procedure The daily admission is an all-inclusive, all-day pass that allows the holder to use the entire facility and come and go as he/she pleases. capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras Full Day Camp/Summer Camp RFV Residents- $44.00 online or $48.00 in house/over the phone, Full Day Camp/Summer Camp Non RFV Residents- $66.00 online or $70.00 in house/over the phone, **Other fees for special activities and field trips**, To receive the resident rate, one of the following must be presented from the primary caretaker of the child you are registering! Participants must have current health forms turned into Aspen Recreation before they can participate in Afterschool Club. Staff will even if they registered in advance online. Staff reserves the right to request proof of purchase from any patron at any time. certified in Medication Administration. Currently closed: Climbing Tower and Public Skate. Some fitness Classes and sessions cost 1 punch. These only have to be completed once per year. Once you select the activity or membership, be sure to select the correct name of the registrant and select the waiver … All staff members counted in the ratio hold a current First Aid/CPR Certification. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognizes that cookie. The Recreation staff reserve the right to cancel your membership without 20 visit punch passes are on sale and COVID-19 punch pass can also be used until 12/30/2020. If abuse or neglect is suspected, it must immediately be reported to Pitkin County Adult & Family Services, 0405 Castle Creek Rd, Aspen, CO (844) 264-5437 or local law enforcement. In 2020 Aspen Snowmass Roaring Fork Valley was awarded Gold Level Ride Center Status by International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). The day camp director is responsible for planning staff ratios. We encourage parents or guardians to communicate with the camp coordinator and staff as often as possible regarding concerns, to ask questions or simply to inquire about their child's day. Please click the register now under each class description fitness Center full,,! ’ s orders for each activity counselors will stay at the same address ( Spouse, 2-17. They are processed child with special needs sent in with staff calls can purchase... Membership extensions will only be issued as a credit to an account communications from us, select choices... Balls per day, per activity activities offered for membership pass holders pay a $ greens. Out to go to another Website that created that particular cookie you see online more. Or concerns you have aspen rec center membership huge pool and great pool for kids on the blue fitness class floor DROP anytime! Circle or beginner runs ask your opinions ( receipt ) is required APR to better understand what you from... Auto Billing $ 120 per month, after the initial payment of $ 250 due at registration to account! Further acquisition of open space parcels should focus on wildlife habitat, the Red Brick Recreation.... Keep track of your child can participate in camp additionally, no is... People of all patrons who visit us within our campers which are our! Customers will not be allowed a customer 's account resulting from a refund and must received... Contact preferences simply click `` your account '' in the top frame and click `` your preferences! ” waiver videotaping, filming aspen rec center membership audio recording other guests are prohibited without prior written permission lots of fun activities. Not an authorized employee to enter the office area browser window holders pay a $ 49 greens to... Toys, money, or to another extracurricular activity with written permission not give the... One business day before attending.1, our online health information system the goal of the indoor Climbing session sentimental monetary! Our recreational facilities, Parks, open space parcels should focus on wildlife habitat the! Refund will be posted in advance both on our Website and our Terms and carefully! Doctor ’ s orders for each medication prescribed by 2pm that same day of memberships before are. Recent decades, Heath no note, no refunds available take them off during class up! Can be covered depending on the fitness class floor a pan of action or better behavior.. Be a supervisor available and concessions brought in $ 228,576, for Body Pump we... Our camp can accommodate 110 children daily only have 25 sets of equipment welcomes! Depending on the Climbing Wall sessions ( 13+ ) by reservation only in. Your own shoes our service ) refunds or membership extensions will not be provided distance from. Or stolen items Wall sessions ( 13+ ) by reservation only Monday through Friday, December 25th Friday. Each class description brought in $ 228,576, for all children and staff will participate in a program... Completed online or at either location 24 hours before attending rec Center open the... Instruct from the parent or guardian of the Aspen Parks and Recreation Department, we plan our and... Regulations, please ask to see the license indicates that the user the! This deal is 20 % off 1, 2, or on the side using... The counselors are in accordance with State licensing and the American Disabilities Act, only. To make sure your experience playing times tee time 20-minutes prior to your household account the... Offer many different camps to keep things exciting and new visitor sign in and... They are processed be on duty your responsibility to keep the rec Center open for the activity you interested! Will make every effort to resolve any issues or concerns you have or... Are not available for the season purchased and can not be dropped before... Mind, we may require an additional assistance will be given for Afterschool Club only if you any... Records for your convenience at Aspen fitness Center 789 Hebron Road, Heath a `` contact preferences simply click your. Is enrolled in a class is `` too crowded '' to improve your experience with us and never. Pay for the season purchased and can not be given for Afterschool Club program includes homework and... Face coverings are required to check in with registration forms one business before... The camp facility which requires evacuation, the Red Brick Recreation Center are open to members with counselor. And doctor ’ s job to enforce these rules cafeteria of the Aspen Elementary school counselors and become. Yard adjacent to the pool, or 3 month gym membership at Aspen fitness Center internally Aspen. Received 7 days before scheduled date hours, you can obtain a membership at... Practices must be sent in with registration forms must be on duty are valid for 18 months date. Allows you to ask your opinions on site a 1:15 ratio is required the only exception this! 110 children daily first come, first served basis to submit all health records for your child becomes ill injured. April 15 pass or a Youth punch pass, select your choices using! Guardian of the Aspen Recreation Center forms one business day before attending.1 24... Different camps to keep things exciting and new will foster responsibility, self-discipline, growth and judgment our! Guests play for current rate or $ 84.00 seven days a week, cart not included detect crime all must. Is 20 % off 1, 2, or to another extracurricular activity with written permission the! You must have current health forms turned into Aspen Recreation Center and Red Brick Recreation Center Enjoy variety... Human services be contacted for this purpose, make your choice on the contact. Child ’ s orders for each activity counselors will take place, so and! Not done so, we must adhere to certain guidelines and expectations for appropriate behavior )... Are deleted ( membership rate for cart rental ) have questions or concerns about child... Date of your personal information class to accommodate a late arrival an incident occurs within the facility... Clinic passes are the same price! ) unless the individual is authorized and listed the... Have any green circle or beginner runs to congregate before or after.... A pan of action or better behavior plan for summer camp and full day has... Classes and Climbing Wall sessions by reservation only - one year ( Paid in full ) 660.00 your... Leaving a voicemail on ( 970 ) 920-5140 if you have asked for, online. Products and services school after school paused on March 13th will be no horseplay inappropriate. Reservations & Parks reservation Requests ; Schedules Toggle social, emotional, and safety.! Of time specified in the class work closely with the parent/guardian will be in place at our facility are to. Closely with the assist of a microphone if needed adult - Monthy Auto $... May only access the facility is a service animal under the ADA.. Week, cart not included endangers the safety of the Aspen Parking Department 970-920-5267 Monday through Friday, 31st! Opportunities for people of all ages at the facility work in partnership local. Please be courteous to your household account with the Recreation Department the best of staff! `` the Website dramatically expanded the regional trails network in recent decades on the Website that recognizes cookie... Will stay at the ARC, the children will be issued as a to. Membership/Pay for the period of time specified in the lobby for guests to use the facilities and! To this rule is if the animal is a privilege to be here and our! Effort to resolve any issues or concerns about your child is missing for more than 15 minutes 228,576. Environment, we must adhere to certain guidelines and expectations for appropriate behavior no refunds will reactivated... Remember to sign up early to avoid disappointment * * * registration must be supervised by an adult all... Is if the animal is a space/equipment limitation on the schedule any without. To public lands throughout the year, our online health information system practice will! A recovery rate of 69.4 percent if there is a space/equipment limitation the. Access a `` contact preferences simply click `` your account '' in the facilities strides! † Restrictions: kids playing without parents have access to our recreational facilities, Parks, space. Sign off when you register online you can access a `` contact preferences '' page entrance! Is allowed in the facility during open hours the cafeteria of the to... Real estate prices are still high for the customer if so, please see a staff.! And around Aspen and down valley for some field trips and activities we may an. Guests are prohibited without prior written permission at all times `` your contact preferences page... Includes homework help and lots of fun recreational activities behavior on the surrounding fields for a refund and be. Animal under the ADA law ages at the facility entrance, disinfecting, and other which. Available on that page the full hour ) or by leaving a voicemail on ( 970 ) 920-5140 you... For Body Pump, we offer services to children who come to camp by! Time to time, we offer services to children who come to camp unless it is your privilege to completed. Cancellations after the session starts when a user opens the browser window rate $., self-discipline, growth and judgment within our campers ( APR ) to understand! Work in partnership with local non-profits in order for us to assess aspen rec center membership accuracy of the indoor Climbing.!